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    Patrick AFB, FL - Hospital

    The nearest major hospital to Patrick Air Force Base is the Cape Canaveral Hospital which offers emergency room services and inpatient care. Ambulatory services and surgical service are also available. For daily medical care, the 45th Medical Group Clinic is available to handle Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy and Orthopedic care. For daily medical appointments, call the Medical Clinic at Patrick Air Force Base at 321-494-8241.

    45th Medical Group
    24 Hours/7 Days a Week
    (321) 494-8241 or
    1-888-PAT-CURE (1-888-728-2873)

    "Safely ensure a fit force, healthy community and medics ready to support global operations." We serve active duty and retired military personnel and their families with medical and dental services. Contact Our Patient Advocates with any comments or concerns: 45mdg/ If your issue is not resolved, please e-mail our Hotline: 45mdg/

    Our squadron seeks to maximize the readiness and operating effectiveness through specialized medical care for all flying and special duty personnel. We provide comprehensive health promotional programs and dental, optometry, and immunization services for 3,200 active and 35,000 non-active duty beneficiaries. We help ensure a healthful and safe workplace throughout the wing. Finally, we assess and improve the deployability of all Air Force personnel.

    We provide comprehensive medical care to over 3,200 military and Coast Guard active duty members, focusing on prevention to ensure a medically deployable and spacelift-capable force. We also provide space available care for more than 35,000 nonactive duty beneficiaries. We maintain a staff of 140 personnel who always maintain a peak readiness to support wartime contingencies and military operations other than war.

    Our squadron supports the 45th Medical Group's delivery of quality, customer-focused, and cost-effective health care to 3,200 military and Coast Guard active duty members, keeping them medically ready for their operational mission at home or deployed. We also support the delivery of medical care to 35,000 eligible non-active duty members. Finally, we seek to maintain peak squadron readiness to support wartime contingencies and military operations other than war.


    Clinical Laboratory
    SERVICES PROVIDED: General Laboratory test are performed. More specialized test are forwarded to a reference laboratory.
    LOCATION: First Floor, Bldg. 1381
    PHONE NUMBERS: General Laboratory: (321) 494-8153 or DSN: 854-8153

    SERVICES PROVIDED: Walk-in new prescription service, drive-up call-in refill pick-up, individualized patient counseling & training.
    PHONE NUMBERS: Automated Refills: 1-(800)-615-3354, (321) 494-8739. Main Pharmacy: (321) 494-2141. Clinic Pharmacy: (321) 494-9313

    SERVICES PROVIDED: General Radiography, Mammography, and Ultrasound services.
    PHONE NUMBERS: Reception: (321) 494-8139; NCOIC (321) 494-6413